Lemi 4- Fully electric bed

    Italian quality treatment beds and chairs

    The Lemi 4 is a fully adjustable, electric couch-bed designed to offer optimal working conditions for carrying out diagnostic examinations, dermatological examinations and long laser treatments with high patient comfort. It provides several practical features like :

    • Italian luxurious leather material.
    • 4 motors for height, inclination, back/head rest & leg rest adjustments.
    • A practical automatic reset switch that brings the table back to its original position.
    • Wide mattress customization.
Sosul- Semi electric bed

The Sosul Top is a solid, reliable and easy-to-adjust bed which made one of the most trusted brands. Its design provides several beneficial features like:

  • Four articulations that enable switching between several treatment positions.
  • Two pedal-controlled electric actuators for adjusting the bed's height & controlling the inclination of the leg-rest.
  • An open face rest for treatments that require lying on the abdomen.
Lemi's medical specialty beds

    The specialty line provides a custom solution for meeting outpatient needs:

    • Lemi Gyno: A complete series of gynecological chairs that include a series of specific accessories for gynecology and urology like legs sperators & holder.
    • Lemi-hair transplant: Manufactured specially to serve the long treatment sessions in hair transplants by providing a flexible bed solution for the doctors, and comfortable experience for the patients.
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Ideal solution for:
  • Hair removal
  • Facial & body treatments
  • Dermatological & cosmetic surgery
  • Diagnostic examinations
  • Gynecological procedures
  • Hair transplantation
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