Dr. Fatima Habib
Imdad is always there to support us, the troubleshooting is very important with any technology and imdad has always been great in it.
Dubai Derma 2019
Imdad was delighted to have the chance to meet doctors & business owners in Dubai Derma the 19th edition from 18-20 March 2019.
Daavlin Neolux
The industry's most accurate and precise UV phototherapy
Spectra XT
The Q-Switched carbon laser with Spectra mode
GentleMax Pro
The consumer’s favourite hair reduction laser
Action ll Petite Lady
The safe Er:YAG laser with double the depth of penetration
Robotic accuracy…Quality grafts…Precise implants
Spectra - Dr. Sara Menisy
Spectra is literally one of the best technologies in the market. This is because of its versatility in treating pigments, hair bleaching, inflammatory acne, and rejuvenation.
Spectra - Dr. Mahmoud Diab
In KSA, it is very common for patients to request 'The occasion laser'. The quick fix and rejuvenation of Spectra are in high demand by patients.
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