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Robotic Hair Transplant

Artas Studio offers the ability to design and review hair transplant outcome, including: graft numbers, distribution and placement. The Studio Technology creates a customized hair transplant design as a 3D model using personal photographs to review and adjust the expected hair growth results. Accurate site making then starts after transferring that design to ARTAS system to create natural site distribution in the transplant area. Hair angles, density, distribution and direction parameters are all taken into consideration in order to achieve natural looking result.

To achieve successful hair transplantation, healthy grafts are identified using intelligent algorithms to select the best hairs for harvesting robust grafts while maintaining the appearance of the donor area. Artas’ robotic arm harvests each graft at the best possible angle to keep it intact with its surrounding tissue. An intact robust hair follicle increases the chances of regrowth, leading to successful hair transplantation.